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  • Cosmic Lisa

    Inspired by the greatest in the world, the Queen of Everything holds the cosmos in the sparkle of her eye. Mysterious and eternal, she commands all who gaze upon her and anyone brave enough to call her name. Cosmic Lisa, taking the legend to the next level.

  • Cottage Lisa

    Cottage Lisa


    A twist on modern life. Modern in the days of the classic. Simplistic and rural by contemporary account. Cottage Lisa reminds us of harmony and innocence, of simpler times and the joys that come from day to day country living.

  • Cyber Lisa


    How does one painting survive as the most recognized image in the world for over 500 years? This is a question asked by this unique take on the classic. High Tech-Low Life. Could we be living in some advanced simulation? Many think so. Cyber Lisa has all the answers. The question remains - is she the Artificial Intelligence that controls us all?

  • Deep Lisa

    What you see is not always what you get. A smile and bright colors to say - “I’m Happy!” - might be hiding a den of deeper emotions. Deep Lisa is a contemporary take on the mystery of suppressed emotion and pain. Outwardly she says hello, while inside her voice whispers, “Nobody loves me.”

  • Manga Lisa

    In dreams anything is possible. In the physical world, our dreams live to haunt our imagination. Transformed by centuries of isolation, Manga Lisa greets the world with her silent cries, forever suspended somewhere between our nightmares and the passage of time.

  • Meta Lisa

    On the cusp of a new Renaissance, our world marches forward into a digital age, where time and space merge and leave the troubled world behind. This new oasis of collective self discovery has inspired the Meta Lisa. Her visage reminds us of the power of centuries of silent orchestras and dreams of perfect integration. Welcome to the future.

  • Taking inspiration from the all time classic and mashing it up with one of the very first NFTs ever to be released in Crypto. Punk Lisa takes her steps toward the front of the CryptoArt movement, claiming the throne for herself. Her whimsical smile is testament to her iconic value and her confidence to stand the test of time.

  • Utopia Lisa

    The future doesn't have to be a bleak wasteland of decay and lost hope. The Utopia Lisa is a depiction of a brighter tomorrow, where high-tech is put to excellent use to serve the needs of humanity. Imagine a time and place in which people actually get along and thrive, where the greatest masterpiece ever painted hangs in pride of place to remind us all of what is possible.

  • Waifu Lisa

    Waifu Lisa


    Her allure lies in her captivating eyes and her coy expression. Now, imagine Da Vinci’s muse transformed into the ultimate visual depiction of sexual attraction. Waifu Lisa invites you to look, if you dare. Once you do, you won’t be able to unsee her. When you close your eyes what do you see? Whisper it to her. It’s OK, no one is listening.

About the project

Reimagining A Classic

Close your eyes and imagine the most recognized and celebrated painting in the world. In less than a second, the iconic image of the Mona Lisa comes to mind. Created in 1503 by the great master Leonardo Da Vinci, her gentle repose and hint of a smile have been the stuff of songs, books, letters, poems, movies, and endless conversation. Now she has inspired a unique and highly limited NFT collection.

Nine artists from around the world were commissioned and tasked to interpret their own Mona Lisa through a contemporary lens. The result is nothing short of extraordinary.

Modern Lisas is a whimsical collection of modern takes on the classic. Nine new Lisas are now available to add to your private gallery. Just like the original, each Modern Lisa is special in her own way. And - just like the original - each is one-of-a-kind.

That’s right. Just one of each NFT will be minted and sold at auction. This is a truly special opportunity for any NFT collector looking for the next masterpiece to add to their collection.

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